Dawn Pfaff, Certified Residential Appraiser and

President is the Cheif Residential Appraiser and has been appraising since 2001 in the Hudson Valley and Capital District.  Staff appraisers have experience and knowledge for the areas they appraise.  NY State Appraisers is a network of appraisers for both residential and commercial valuation.   NY State Appraisers are members of the NY State MLS.


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Whether you need an appraisal for lending purposes, property tax assessment, private party, estate planning, tax purposes or consulation on property purchase, NY State Appraisers has experience in all areas of property valuation.  


We take the time to give our clients extra time and attention to their property valuation needs. If you have questions or concerns we give you and your property the time you need.  Give us a call today or send us an email to inquire about property valuation services.